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Our Virtual Assistants are experienced, yet cost effective and with no compromise on the quality.

DhanInfo provides Virtual Assistants to Property Management companies irrespective of number of doors managed. We are here to help and support with part time or full time resources so Clients can focus on what it matters the most and leaving Daily & Repeat Tasks on us.

Service Areas

Phone & Email Support

We have experienced, college graduate & fluent English speaking customer support agents, offering a 24x7 support to all our clients so that they can manage the rental properties efficiently. All calls are handled by our Team professionally and promptly providing the high standard consistency your company deserves.

We ensure that all our agents are thoroughly trained with the required etiquette, accent, sales skills and most importantly complete knowledge about you and the required tasks to be done.

Creating & Processing Work Orders

Being a property manager you would be well aware that a quick and valid response keeps the tenant happy. Managing the tenant issues, maintenance of the property, progress tracking from creating orders to completion and then again new order creations can be a tedious task for you. By associating with DhanInfo you will not have to worry or stress about any of it anymore.

Handling service issues, contractor bids, validating work completions & pricing, conducting inspections, entering the meter readings, tackling the checklists, tracking the entire inventory is what we assist you with.

Reconciling Bank Accounts

We would cater to all your bookkeeping and accounting needs as per your requirement. A dedicated Virtual Assistant would be assigned to you who would provide services from a remote location in a swift turnaround time.

Our Virtual Assistants Perform the Following Tasks

Computing, classifying and recording the numerical data

Checking the figure's accuracy and postings calculated by others

All transaction entry checks

Invoices and ledger preparation

Checking for timely bill payments

Reconciliation of credit card statements

Reconciliation of client's and vendor's statement

Checking and reconciling the bank account statements

All the accounts payable and receivable transactions processing

Financial statement preparations like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet

Your ledger would always stay updated as DhanInfo will efficiently perform the bank reconciliation process. This will not only save a lot of your time but also keep your books clean and free of errors.

Screening Property Applicants

Being a property manager you would agree to the fact that the background of the tenants needs to be upfront. Checking the entire history of the tenant, their credit history, their requirements and also about any criminal history is like a never ending task. But it is quite essential to gather this information at the initial stage of the application itself since it needs to be screened thoroughly. This is again time consuming. DhanInfo specializes in screening applicants, thanks to its vigilant and experienced Team members.

Our Virtual Assistants Perform the Following Tasks

Employment history check

Current income level update

Gathering the bank account information

Asking for professional and personal references

Lifestyle related information that might be concerning

Information about the credit history

Complete background check

Contacting the previous landlords

Employment verification

By associating with DhanInfo for Virtual Assistants, you can expect the following:
More efficiency in business, Way to measure your success, Improvised communication, Property management would be running even when you are on a holiday!