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At DhanInfo we aim to execute and streamline the tasks of property management companies by providing our customer support assistance. It becomes essential to have a seamless and quick communication running all through.

We have experienced, college graduate & fluent English speaking customer support agents, offering a 24x7 support to all our clients so that they can manage the rental properties efficiently. All calls are handled by our Team professionally and promptly providing the high standard consistency your company deserves.

We ensure that all our agents are thoroughly trained with the required etiquette, accent, sales skills and most importantly complete knowledge about you and the required tasks to be done.

Service Areas

Repair Calls

In case there has been an issue with the property that needs rectification then we are here to handle those calls and provide solutions to the customers and coordinate with Vendors / Contractors.

Tenant Calls

All the calls from the tenants would be handled by us so that you need not worry about the ongoing issues, requirements or progress at the tenants' end.

Potential Tenant Calls

Any customer call which might be a potential tenant would be efficiently handled by us, providing them with the required details.


We assist you with collecting the rent from your tenants on a timely basis by scheduling reminder calls.

All the processors are trained & experienced. Everyone has a Graduation degree in Computers and able to communicate well in English. With over 500 processors, we work on 600,000 orders a month 24 hours a day, 7 days a month.