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Handling service issues, contractor bids, validating work completions & pricing, conducting inspections, entering the meter readings, tackling the checklists, tracking the entire inventory is what we have expertise in and would assist you with.

Being a property manager you would be well aware that a quick and valid response keeps the tenant happy. Managing the tenant issues, maintenance of the property, progress tracking from creating orders to completion and then again new order creations can be a tedious task for you. By associating with DhanInfo you will not have to worry or stress about any of it anymore.

Service Areas


The eviction process and all the documents required for the same are arranged and detailed by DhanInfo. We would ensure that the eviction procedure takes place smoothly.

Move-in and Move-out

A lot of documentation and creation of work orders is required every time a tenant moves out or a new tenant moves in. The necessary work orders and details are efficiently processed by us.

Repairs and Maintenance Items on Rental Properties

If there is repair work to be done on the rental property, then work orders are processed and we would make it happen for you. Maintaining the property and keeping a tab of it by generating work orders is also our forte.

Following Up

Following up with the tenants and contractors for any small or big requirement also needs a job order to be created, which we do. We also follow up with vendors if work is not completed as per requirements.

Creating Bills and Invoices

This is a basic need of property maintenance but a very lengthy and time consuming task. DhanInfo does this for you in a stipulated time. We keep quality control check in work completion photos.

DhanInfo Creates the Work Orders, Tracks them, Invoice / Follow Ups, Validate work completions and also resolve any kind of service issues. By associating with us you can turn a simple service management straight into a heavy revenue generator.

All the processors are trained & experienced. Everyone has a Graduation degree in Computers and able to communicate well in English. With over 500 processors, we work on 600,000 orders a month 24 hours a day, 7 days a month.